Tandem Jump

from 4200m (14000 feet)

for only 4200 uah
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Experience an incredible view of our planet from the sky

You will experience terminal velocity at around 190 kph on your first jump for up to a minute!
This can only be achieved from 4200m.
Only 15 minute briefing before the jump

Join the world of skydiving with us!

Complete an Accelerated free fall course (AFF)
and choose your own style

Formation skydiving FS or Relative Work RW

Formation skydiving is a skydiving event where multiple skydivers attach themselves to one another by grabbing each other's limbs or by the use of "grippers" on their jumpsuit while free falling through the sky. The goal of this skydiving program is to build a formation of multiple divers arranged in a geometric pattern. Skydivers take pride in this event as they say it creates order in an extremely chaotic environment. Formation skydiving can be further divided into several sub-categories, so named for the number of members in a team: 2-way, 4-way, 8-way

Big Way

A big way is a type of formation skydiving involving a large group of skydivers coming together while in freefall to form a specific and predetermined formation. All the skydivers involved aim to connect with each other and hold the complete formation for a designated period (a number of seconds). The largest formation ever built was the 400-way created and held over Udon Thani, Thailand on February 8, 2006.


Freeflying is an expansion of skydiving which includes the traditional belly-to-earth positions, but extends into vertical flight where the flyer is in an upright position (falling feet first) or in an inverted position (falling head first). These positions increase freefall speeds and make new types of formations and routines possible.


Wingsuit flying (or wingsuiting) is the sport of gliding through the air using a wingsuit which adds surface area to the human body to enable a significant increase in lift. The modern wingsuit, first developed in the late 1990s, creates a surface area with fabric between the legs and under the arms.

90 kg weight 4200 uah
90-100 kg weight +200 uah
100-105 kg weight +400 uah
video from tandem masters hand 600 uah
outside camera + photo 1800 uah
jump cost for certified skydivers 800 uah
Accelerated free fall course (8 levels):
1 level 4900 uah
2-3 levels 4900 uah
4 level 3700 uah
5-7 levels 3700 uah
8 level (certification) 3700 uah
Our team

There are only best skydivers in our team
They are professionals with thousands jumps and many years experience

Lev Tremasov
  • Aff instructor, RW, Bigway.
  • World record, European record, Ukrainian record
Petro Ryzhylo
  • Aff instructor, Bigway
  • World record, European record, Ukrainian record
Illya Balashov
  • Aff instructor, RW, Bigway.
  • World record, European record, Ukrainian record
Yevgeniy Manirko
  • Tandem instructor, AFF instructor, RW<
  • USSR champion, Ukrainian champion, Ukraine record
Vadim Sokolskiy
  • Safety instructor, AFF instructor
  • USSR record, Ukraine record
Andrey Kutiepov
  • Cameraman
  • First steps freefly instructor

You can order photo and video of your first tandem jump


Our dropzone is only 10 km. from the city center
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